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Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet

NovelPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little SweetPerfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
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“Director Si, shouldn’t you give me a description for today?” Yi Lingjun’s term was menacing.
Si Yehan and Yi Lingjun ended up the only real people in the family area.
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“It’s my wrong doing.” Si Yehan didn’t make an effort to shield himself and accepted his fault specifically.
Yi Lingjun nodded in fulfillment. “As long as you’re informed. You’re good, but you still have to concentrate on a girl’s reputation…”
Si Yehan’s voice softened instantaneously. “You’re alert.”
Yi Lingjun harrumphed. “You continue to keep in mind influences? Regardless if you’re within a loved ones.h.i.+p with my woman, you will still haven’t hitched yet. What correct actions can it be to take the night time jointly?”
Yi Lingjun nodded in gratification. “Providing you’re aware. You’re okay, but you still need to pay attention to a girl’s reputation…”
“Mmm… so noisy…”
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Anyhow, Si Yehan seriously listened to every thing Yi Lingjun explained and neither validated himself nor solved lower back. He even admitted his bad of their own volition, and with a few phrases, he had been able dissolve over part of Yi Lingjun’s fury.
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Mn…” The soothing sound lured Ye Wanwan directly back to dreamland.
Experiencing Ye Wanwan awoken by the disturbance, Si Yehan frowned and comfortingly patted her around the top of your head. “It’s nothing at all, keep sleeping.”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Disbelief filled Ye Wanwan’s facial area instantly. “What would you say? Sleep in individual places? You’ve regarded me for such a long time have you think I used to be veggie?”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Director Si, shouldn’t you allow me an explanation for currently?” Yi Lingjun’s phrase was menacing.
“You’re extremely proper, Leader,” Si Yehan predetermined.
Even though Ye Wanwan couldn’t even available her vision, she still accurately sensed Si Yehan’s site and walked toward him.
“I would like to discover where your error is situated,” Yi Lingjun sternly demanded, similar to a father-in-legislation evaluation his son-in-legislation, his position stauncher than Ye Wanwan’s serious father, Nie Huaili.
“Chief executive, should you be sure to.”
Disbelief filled up Ye Wanwan’s confront instantaneously. “What would you say? Sleep in different places? You’ve identified me for so long did you feel I used to be vegan?”
“It’s my mistake.” Si Yehan didn’t attempt to guard himself and confessed his fault specifically.
Si Yehan: “…”
Wasn’t this Director Si?
Si Yehan replied, “I should’ve regarded the influence on Wanwan.”
“Mn…” The gentle sound lured Ye Wanwan straight back to dreamland.
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet
Wasn’t this Director Si?
“Baby…” The vision of Ye Wanwan hazily pattering downstairs was seen promptly soon after.
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“President, when you you need to.”
Yi Lingjun was righteously lecturing his daughter-in-law secs before, but his confront made 100 % pure black when he been told his little princess.
“Leader, for those who you should.”
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Yi Lingjun viewed Ye Wanwan’s clumsy behavior and angrily glared at her before dismissing the housekeeper and walking to your living room with Si Yehan.
Following Ye Wanwan discontinued behind the lounger, Si Yehan switched his head and Ye Wanwan naturally bent down and smacked a kiss on his cheeks before complaining, “You claimed you would rest with me. How would you run off midway?”
This att.i.tude created Yi Lingjun struggling to release a good tinge of his wrath.
As Yi Lingjun carried out his obligation for a father and seriously lectured his future son-in-regulations, footsteps were observed from upstairs.
This att.i.tude manufactured Yi Lingjun incapable of release also a tinge of his wrath.
Wasn’t Eldest Neglect too impressive? She originally believed Eldest Skip was merely indicating affection for Director Si, but it really acquired only been two or three days however Eldest Neglect had already driven him to her bed furniture!
“You’re extremely correct, Director,” Si Yehan predetermined.

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